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Lawn Solutions Australia are the nation’s best and most experienced turf growers who have come together to offer a one-stop solution to all your lawn needs. There’s an accredited turf supplier or Lawn Solutions Centre near you.


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You can only purchase AUSGAP Sir Walter DNA Certified from a Lawn Solutions Member

All Lawn Solution members must submit samples of their grass for certification against the original foundation material from the breeder and all Lawn Solutions members are AusGAP certified.

We've heard a few rumours that some unscrupulous people are claiming to grow and sell AUSGAP Sir Walter DNA Certified and we want to make sure all our Sir Walter customers are getting what they paid for.

If you can't find your supplier on this website, they may be telling you tales!

If you are unsure, give us a call on 1300 883 711 and we can confirm you're getting the real deal.

There is nothing like a Sir Walter lawn, make sure it's genuinely DNA Certified.

Our Promise

Lawn Solutions Australia’s growers and Lawn Solutions Centres have the best performing grass varieties for gardens, parks and sports grounds across the country, and can supply everything else you’ll need from premium soil underlay to fertilisers.

Fully Accredited Turf Suppliers

Lawn Solutions Australia's industry leading accreditation system gives you peace of mind that wherever you live, you receive the same high quality of advice, turf and customer service. All our turf suppliers and their personnel go through the same rigorous training and are also AusGAP Certified.

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10 Year Lawn Warranty

Our unique 10 Year Lawn Warranty certifies that turf supplied by a Lawn Solutions Australia member has been grown and harvested to stringent standards, is free of weeds and disease on delivery, and will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment. All our growers and resellers are committed to this Warranty.

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Highest Quality Grass Varieties

All turf supplied by Lawn Solutions Australia growers are grown under the International Turf Grass Genetic Assurance Program and our Purity Guarantee Assurance Seal. This means you get guaranteed quality turf backed by our 10 Year Warranty, and customer service that meets our strict protocols.

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More Than Just Turf

Lawn Solutions Australia growers offer so much more than just turf. From their expertise about the best grass type for your locality, professionals to help with measuring and calculating the amount of turf you need, to their turf laying and installation services, our suppliers go the extra mile to make your lawn perfect.

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Lawn Care Advice

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