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Buffalo Grass – 10 Reasons to Choose Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass is Australia’s most popular lawn variety. Here are 10 reasons why so many Australians choose Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn.

Sir Walter Buffalo – 10 Reasons to Choose

  1. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is the most popular lawn Australia wide, with over 60 million metres sold to over 450,000 Aussie homes!
  2. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass looks good in full sun and shade with less water
  3. Sir Walter lawns are an evergreen addition to your home – properly maintained they’ll NEVER need replacing. Sir Walter buffalo grass bounces back after the toughest of droughts, unlike competitor lawns which frequently need replacing.
  4. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is a much cheaper landscaping feature than gardens and pavers, because of its superior shade tolerance it can be used in more places, saving you money.
  5. Sir Walter buffalo grass is tough to insect attack, significantly reducing the need of pesticides.
  6. Sir Walter buffalo grass rarely suffers severe fungus, reducing the need for using fungicides on your lawn.
  7. Sir Walter buffalo grass is actually low allergy – no ‘itchies’ for the kids and pets.
  8. Sir Walter buffalo grass has a dense cover reducing weed infestation, meaning less herbicide usage.
  9. Sir Walter buffalo grass will keep your home cooler. 10 degrees cooler than bare soil, 20 degrees cooler than concrete and 40 degrees cooler than artificial turf.
  10. Sir Walter buffalo grass is 100% Aussie born & bred. Despite competitor claims, no other grass variety has been cultivated from it.

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