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Laying Turf & Managing Lawns – LSA Best Practice Guidelines

Lawn Solutions Australia’s Best Practice Guidelines for laying turf and maintaining lawns is primarily aimed at experienced turf managers, but can also serve as guidelines for less experienced turf owners and others caring for lawn and landscape turf.

Laying Turf – LSA Best Practice GuidelinesStrategies to conserve water and protect environmental quality

The Guidelines are economically feasible methods that conserve water and other natural resources, protect environmental quality and contribute to sustainability. They are agronomically sound, environmentally sensible strategies and techniques designed with the following objectives:

  • To protect the environment
  • To use resources in the most efficient manner possible
  • To protect human health
  • To enhance the positive benefits of turf in varied landscapes and uses
  • To produce a functional turf
  • To protect the value of properties
  • To enhance the economic viability of Lawn Solution Australia Group businesses

Use of the Best Practice Guideilnes

The Guidelines are intended for use in a wide range of lawn and landscape management situations. While many of the practices can be applied to the management of sports turf and other more intensively used turf, it is not the intent of the Guidelines document to provide the more specialised best practices that such intensive management systems require.

Read the full Lawn Solutions Australia Best Practice Guidelines document

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