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The Cost of Turf Compared To Other Groundcovers

A beautiful green lawn is so desirable that many people assume it is more expensive than other groundcover materials, so it can come as a surprise that the cost of turf is far less in comparison.

Turf Costs Compared to Other Ground CoversThe cost of turf per square metre

The median cost of turf per square metre is $28.48, which is approximately a quarter of the cost of the next cheapest alternative, concrete.

This table shows the median costs per square metre of various groundcovers, such as turf, concrete, pavers and planting, which makes it very clear what great value turf is. The fact that a newly turfed lawn invariably increases your property’s visual appeal and value makes it an obvious choice for landscapers and homeowners alike.


SurfaceMedian cost (m2)
Natural Turf$28.48
Synthetic Grass$168.00
Mass Garden Planting$139.90

These figures are based on data from the Landscape Association of NSW and include costs for site and surface preparation, underlay, supply and installation.

Contact your local accredited grower for a quote

Find your local Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier to get expert advice on the right type of grass for your garden or landscaping project, and an accurate quote. Remember you only get a 10 Year Warranty when you buy turf from an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia grower or Lawn Solutions Centre.

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