Tropical Carpet Grass

Tropical Carpet Grass

Tropical Carpet Grass is a warm season perennial species that spreads via low growing stolons. Selected by Lawn Solutions Australia as the very best performing carpet grass variety, it is best suited to the North Queensland and Northern Territory regions.

A dense turf suited to lawns, parks and sports fields

Tropical Carpet Grass has course textured leaves that will form dense turf of moderate quality. The colour is green to light green in growing season becoming red when dormant under cool conditions. Tropical Carpet Grass is suited for lawns, summer sport fields, parks & reserves. A unique trait of this grass is the red tinge created on the edge of the leaves during the cooler temperatures of winter.

A low maintenance grass

The mowing and nutrition maintenance needs of Tropical Carpet Grass is generally low once the lawn is established. It has good shade tolerance, and has high water requirements.

Well suited to Tropical Queensland and the NT

Tropical Carpet Grass is most commonly found in the Northern tropical parts of Queensland and in the Northern Terriroty. It is very well adapted to the climate and environment there. The leaves are approximately 6mm wide, wider than the common narrow leaf carpet grass, and have a unique curling along the edges, creating a unique texture of grass. Very well suited to the tropical parts of Queensland.

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