Velvetene Grass

Velvetene Grass

Velvetene™ Grass has a soft-leaf, tightly knitted texture, which creates a luxurious formal looking lawn. It retains year-round deep colour with minimal fertiliser and displays a glistening bright green shiny texture. It can be mown as low as 3mm making it an excellent choice for bowling and putting greens. Available from Lawn Solutions Australia accredited growers in Western Australia only.

A drought tolerant grass, ideal for WA

Velvetene™ is an exciting variety of seashore paspalum with a soft dense surface suitable for family activities, which will be the envy of the neighbourhood. It is also drought tolerant and will still look great with water restrictions.

Available Western AustraliaTolerates a range of growing conditions

Velvetene™ Grass grows in clay or sandy soils, and tolerates high salt environments. It also grows in full sun or with a minimum of 4 hours sun and tolerates filtered shade areas, making it very adaptable.

For more information

Contact your local Lawn Solutions Australia accredited grower in Western Australia to find out more or order Velvetene™ for your lawn.

Did You Know?

You can only purchase AUSGAP Sir Walter DNA Certified from a Lawn Solutions Member

All Lawn Solutions members must submit samples of their grass for certification against the original foundation material from the breeder and all Lawn Solutions members are AusGAP certified.We've heard a few rumours that some unscrupulous people are claiming to grow and sell AUSGAP Sir Walter DNA Certified and we want to make sure all our Sir Walter customers are getting what they paid for.If you can't find your supplier on this website, they may be telling you tales!If you are unsure, give us a call on 1300 883 711 and we can confirm you're getting the real deal.There is nothing like a Sir Walter lawn, make sure it's genuinely DNA Certified.

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