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Lawn Care Products

Tried and tested lawn care products brought together at the Lawn Store by the experts at Lawn Solutions Australia. Don’t risk buying products that aren’t effective or could harm your lawn. Visit the Lawn Store or get advice from your local accredited Lawn Solutions Australia turf grower.

Lawn Care Products - Turf Australia


Lawn fertilisers

From Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser, created by the team behind Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn and Lawn Rescue intensive fertiliser, the Lawn Store has the most effective lawn fertilisers on the market.

Weeds & pest control

Don’t harm your lawn by using any old weedkiller. Our range includes weedkillers specifically for use in buffalo lawns as well as insect control sprays and our bestselling Grub Guard.

Soil testing & treatments

The foundation of a lush lawn is of course the soil. Whatever your soil type, we’ve got you covered – from testing your soil pH, adding lime or dolomite, to the popular Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Launcher for Sir Walter buffalo grass lawns – Australia’s number one home lawn! (and all other varieties)

Watering & irrigation

Even drought-tolerant lawns need watering to get them established. Get sprinklers, soaker hoses and timers to make the job easy, and innovative market-leading products like Lawn Soaker – a ready-to-use wetting agent specifically developed to help drought-proof your lawn.

Tools & equipment

From Lawn Aerator Sandals to Weeding Brushes, the Lawn Store has a great range of tools and equipment to help you care for your lawn year round.

Visit the Lawn Store for reliable products that will get you results.

Lawn Care Products

Not sure what product will give you the best results for your lawn? We’ve done the legwork for you. The team behind the Lawn Solutions Centres have put their vast, collective knowledge together and come up with the best products on the market.