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Lawn Grubs & Pests

Lawn grubs are the most common pest you might encounter, so it’s a good idea to know how to prevent or deal with them as quickly as possible before they cause too much damage. There are two types of lawn grubs – root feeding grubs and surface dwelling grubs. Get the lowdown from the Lawn Solutions Australia experts on how to identify them and send them packing!

  • Lawn Grubs How to Identify and Treat

    How To Identify Lawn Grubs

    Lawn grubs are the lawn's worst enemy, not to be confused with curl grubs which are the larvae of black beetles. Traditionally, we see more lawn grub activity during the warmer months of October through to March and the greenest, healthiest lawns are the ones most likely to be attacked.

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Lawn Care Products

Not sure what product will give you the best results for your lawn? We’ve done the legwork for you. The team behind the Lawn Solutions Centres have put their vast, collective knowledge together and come up with the best products on the market.

Lawn Care Experts

With 40 turf growers and 140 Lawn Solutions Centres across Australia, there’s a lawn care expert near you.