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Commercial Customers

If you’re a property developer or a manager of parks, public spaces or sports fields, Lawn Solutions Australia can help you to provide beautiful, usable lawns  that ensure your project looks great not only when it’s completed, but for the long term.

Our industry leading accreditation system means our growers are the best in Australia, offering quality turf and superior customer service. All go through rigorous training to meet our strict standards. And all are committed to our products and delivering them in a highly professional manner.

We have the expert local knowledge to help you deliver a lawn that is not only environmentally suitable, but also takes into account the suitability of a grass variety for a lawn’s purpose. Whether it is a high traffic area? Needs to be shade resistant? Or just bindii resistant for kids? We can set you on the right track and help you to deliver the lawns you need.

Here’s what we can offer;

  • Expert advice on the right grass variety for the site, including the local climate, site-specific conditions, erosion control and foot traffic.
  • Fast quotes
  • Help to ensure water retention and maximise drought tolerance
  • Delivery of turf and turf underlay according to your landscaping schedule
  • Quality turf covered by our 10 Year Lawn Warranty
  • Turf installation and laying services
  • Premium lawn care products to make sure the lawns stay healthy year round

Find your local Lawn Solutions Australia grower

Our network of over 40 of Australia’s best and most experienced Turf growers, and over 100 accredited Lawn Solutions Centres means that there is always a local Lawn Solutions Australia member nearby and ready to help. To find your local Lawn Solutions Australia grower click here. 

Commercial turf supplies in Australia

Lawn Care Products

Not sure what product will give you the best results for your lawn? We’ve done the legwork for you. The team behind the Lawn Solutions Centres have put their vast, collective knowledge together and come up with the best products on the market.