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Turf & Lawn Care Product Resellers

Our Lawn Solutions Centres are landscape suppliers, garden centres, nurseries and hardware stores who supply the entire range of Lawn Solutions Australia turf varieties available in their region, along with our hand picked lawn care products.

All our resellers are trained and accredited and backed by our extensive network of growers and producers, and have the ongoing benefits of our  industry leading research and development program.

They are there to be the first line of Customer Service and to provide a one stop shop for all our customer’s lawn needs. Whether that be a measure and quote, installation services, supply of our high quality turf or just advice on the best grass for a particular lawn, all our local Lawn Solutions Australia resellers are trained and ready to help. To compliment this, all our centres offer premium lawn care products handpicked by our network to make sure our customers lawns look healthy and lush all year round.

Turf & lawn care product resellers

Currently found at over 140 locations Australia wide, Lawn Solutions Centres are an accessible and strongly marketed service for customers seeking a new lawn or help with their existing lawn. We are always looking to extend our network for bring more businesses on board.

Become a Lawn Solutions Centre

If you think your business is a candidate to become a Lawn Solutions Centre, get in touch with the Lawn Solutions Australia head office by calling 1300 883 711 or emailing [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.


Find LSA member growers and Lawn Solutions Centres in your area

Lawn Care Products

Not sure what product will give you the best results for your lawn? We’ve done the legwork for you. The team behind the Lawn Solutions Centres have put their vast, collective knowledge together and come up with the best products on the market.