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Refresh Your Lawn with ColourGuard

18 Aug 2016

Louise_colouguardDuring harsh winters, some lawns can lose colour.

With winter drawing to a close and the sun beginning to get a bit of warmth back in it, the outside areas of the house start screaming for attention in preparation for the 2016/2017 BBQ season. Wash and stain the deck, clean the pool, weed the garden and mow the lawn, ah the lawn. After last summer it was the pride of the fleet, but it seems to have lost its appeal somewhat over the cooler months. Winter can be a tough time of year for your beloved lawn, the days are shorter, temperatures drop and most turf varieties go into dormancy to ensure they survive the colder conditions. The first thing you might notice is the lack of colour in your grass, this is something you can easily atone with the application of a lawn pigment such as ColourGuard. When applied correctly, ColourGuard will instantly renew that vibrant green colour you expect and assist your lawn in coming out of hibernation.

ColourGuard_Special_1 ColourGuard_Special_2

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